Dishonest Testimonies Have Consequences

By: Wallin & Klarich

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney Exposes Law Enforcement Officers Who Lied While Testifying In Prosecution

Last month a story surfaced which highlights the troubling phenomenon of law enforcement officials lying while testifying for the prosecution. In a Los Angeles case, three LAPD officers testified during a criminal trial that they chased a defendant into an apartment complex, where they saw the defendant throw a black object away as he was attempting to flee. The officers further testified that one of the pursuing officers picked up the object immediately, and found $260 worth of cocaine, claiming there to have been a drug crime committed.

After the officers testified, defense counsel introduced a surveillance camera recording from the apartment complex into evidence. The video showed officers searching for over twenty minutes before they found the drugs. The video also caught one of the officers telling his colleges to be “creative with your writing” of the report. After the introduction of the video, the trial judge dismissed the charges against the defendant. The officers were thereafter suspended, and are currently being investigated by the United States Attorney’s office.

It is accepted in the criminal justice system that some law enforcement officials lie while testifying in prosecutions. It is such a common phenomenon that it has a name: “testilying.” During criminal proceedings, the prosecutor, an officer of the court, has the responsibility to ensue that evidence offered, including testimony of officers, is truthful. So why do so few prosecutors look closely at the testimony of officers during criminal proceedings? The answer may be that there is no reward for prosecutors who take such actions. Many prosecutors may believe in the old adage that the ends justify the means, even if those means include allowing perjured testimony from being introduced against a defendant.

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