California Probation Laws

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What Can Happen If I’m Given Probation As A Term Of My Sentence?
How Probation Can Affect You Owning A Pet

Probation can be a major intrusion into your life no matter how lenient the terms of the probation are. Unfortunately, the intrusiveness of probation just got a whole lot worse.

According to a recent California Supreme Court opinion, the criminal courts may now impose a condition of probation in California requiring the defendant to notify his probation officer of the presence of any pets at defendant’s place of residence. It doesn’t matter if you own a timid toy poodle or gutless goldfish, you will have to tell the probation officer.

This is why it’s important to hire an experienced law firm to protect your interest to make sure that if probation is a condition of your sentence, that the probation terms allow for you to own a dog, fish, or any other harmless pet.

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