Misdemeanor Charge Dismissal and ClearingYour Criminal Record

By: Wallin & Klarich

How Can I Get My Misdemeanor Charges Dismissed? Why an Experienced Law Firm Can Help Keep Your Record Clean.

When you are charged with a misdemeanor offense in California, it is important to get the best legal advice so that every alternative is explored in getting your case resolved. It is extremely important to hire an experienced law firm that can explore all possible remedies and options to get your charges reduced or dropped completely.

One of those options in a misdemeanor case is to obtain a civil compromise under California Penal Code sections 1377 and 1388. Under those California Penal Code sections, if the injured person, or victim, comes before the court and acknowledges that he has received satisfaction for the injury, the court can discharge the defendant and order that all proceedings be stayed or halted. This means that your case could be dropped and the misdemeanor case would not appear on your record.

It is imperative that you hire an experienced law firm to seek this resolution, as the court does not always grant it. Also, if this option cannot be used in your case, it is important to hire a firm that can use other “tricks” and find “loopholes” in the law to protect and defend your rights.

The California expungement lawyers at Wallin & Klarich have over 30 years experience in misdemeanor offenses as well as other criminal defense matters and can aggressively and effectively represent you in court to fight to get your case resolved to your satisfaction.

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