Illegal Aliens Arrested in Record Numbers Under National Fugitive Operation Program

By: Wallin & Klarich

The government reported that the number of non-criminal immigrants that were arrested by federal authorities under the National Fugitive Operation Program skyrocket from 4,363 in 2005 to 26,200 in 2008. This is a massive increase and should concern all those that care about how our federal government is spending our tax dollars.
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The National Fugitive Operation Program was put in place in 2003 with the purpose of tracking down illegal aliens who had committed criminal acts and whom were considered a danger to our nation. However, what has resulted is that thousands of undocumented workers are being harassed and arrested when they have committed no violations of law.

In California thousands of immigrants have been arrested during both home and workplace raids. Many of these immigrants are held in custody without bail for extended periods of times.

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