California Restraining Order Attorney Consultation a Must Prior to Restraining Order Hearing

By: Wallin & Klarich

When You Are Served With A Temporary Restraining Order You Need An Experienced Law Firm To Protect Your Rights At The Retraining Order Hearing

In California, a temporary restraining order is commonly granted in order to restrict a person from having any contact with the protected person. The court often grants temporary restraining orders when there is a documented incident of violence between two persons in order to protect both parties pending the actual restraining order hearing. The court also has the ability to grant additional temporary orders that could include a stay-away order or a child custody and visitation order, among other possible orders. These temporary orders could interfere with child custody agreements or conducting their daily affairs. Also, if the temporary restraining order resulted from an incident of domestic violence, the respondent or restrained person could also be charged and found guilty of domestic violence.

If criminal charges are filed against a person because of an incident of domestic violence in California, the prosecution can use anything said at the restraining order hearing against that person in the criminal case. Also, if the restrained person, or the respondent, files an answer to the temporary restraining order, anything stated in the answer may be used against that person in the criminal case.

At the permanent restraining order hearing, the judge can grant the restraining order for as long as five years. This can greatly impact a persons ability to travel and to see or live close to his children. There are many other negative aspects to having a restraining order granted against you.

Therefore, it is important for the person served with a temporary restraining order to hire an experienced California family law firm to prepare the answer to the temporary restraining order and to defend and protect their rights at the restraining order hearing. The attorneys at Wallin & Klarich have over 30 years experience in assisting our clients in restraining order cases and can prepare a proper answer to the temporary restraining order as well as be there for you at the hearing to protect you in all legal ways possible.

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