Criminal Defense Attorneys Now More Difficult to Prosecute

By: Wallin & Klarich

Retaining the best criminal defense law firm is critical in you case because if you hire the wrong lawyer and he makes legal errors it is almost impossible to bring a successful lawsuit against a California criminal defense attorney

Over the past few decades, criminal defense attorneys have gained more and more respect in the legal community. Along with this respect has come envy from other practicing attorneys who crave the near immunity from lawsuits that criminal defense attorneys have. Now more than ever though, criminal defense lawyers are protected due to a recent case, Wilikinson v Zelen (Sept. 25, 2008, B2000 74)_Cal. App. 4th.

The ruling stated, “That a legal malpractice plaintiff must prove factual innocence and exoneration as to all transitionally related offenses comprising the basis for the underlying criminal proceeding…” In layman’s terms, the court held that if you are either found guilty of any crimes after a trial or if you plead guilty to any crimes as part of a plea bargain you cannot bring a successful malpractice lawsuit against your lawyer even if he was negligent in the defense of your case. What this means is that in a civil lawsuit you must prove that you were “factually innocent” of any crimes for you to be able to prevail in a lawsuit against your Southern California criminal defense lawyer.

What this means is that it is extremely important to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney that will not make mistakes that could negatively impact your case. Often the law firm that you hire can make the difference between jail and freedom in your case.

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