San Jose Murder Conviction Nearly 30 Years After the Incident

By: Wallin & Klarich

San Jose rape and murder trial comes to a close as 56-year-old parolee is convicted of a 1979 murder

56-year-old Timothy William Brown was found guilty of raping, beating, and stabbing to death a mother of two in 1979. A Santa Clara County jury closed the 30-year-old case on Thursday September 18, 2008 as they found Brown guilty of the San Jose murder of Virginia Correa, an electronics technician and mother of two who had last been seen back on January 15, 1979.

Nearly 30 years passed with no arrests but two years ago, DNA evidence linked a semen stain found on Correa’s clothing to Brown. At the time when the DNA link was made, Brown was in Corcoran State Prison serving time for an unrelated parole violation. Authorities do not know what the connection between Brown and Correa was.
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According to the prosecuting attorney, Brown will be sentenced on October 31, 2008 to life in prison without the possibility of parole. With such serious allegations and so much freedom at stake, it would have been essential for Brown to obtain the services of a talented and aggressive murder defense attorney.

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