Newport Beach Murder Suspect Sentenced to Death

By: Wallin & Klarich

29-year-old man sentenced to death for murder of Newport Beach couple

A Santa Ana jury Thursday ordered the death penalty for Skylar Deleon who was convicted on October 21, 2008 for the 2004 murder of Tom and Jackie Hawks. The Newport Beach murder took place on their yacht where the couple was allegedly was lashed to the anchor of the yacht and thrown overboard.

Deleon was also found guilty of a 2003 murder of John Peter Jarvi, an Anaheim man who was found dead in Mexico after Deleon stole $50,000 from him. Deleon’s attorney conceded his client’s guilt but argued that Deleon did no deserve the death penalty as he had been abused as a child and had been extremely troubled.

Regardless of the defense lawyer’s argument, the jury was swayed by the prosecutors and an expert witness who was called to testify against the claim that the Newport Beach child abuse could lead to the murder. A competent criminal defense attorney would fight for your freedom in a case such as this in order to get you the fair trial and sentence you deserve. Having a qualified defense lawyer is important as they will pay attention to detail, listen carefully, do the research, and aggressively attack the prosecution in order to best serve you in your criminal case.

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