Internet Sex Crimes Can Start in a Chat Room

By: Wallin & Klarich

Be careful on the Internet

If you find yourself in a chat room or talking to someone online, be careful of the age of that other person. California makes it a crime to discuss sexual matters online to someone who is under 18 years old, or somoene who you “think” is under 18 years old. Police throughout California have received grants from the federal government seeking to crack down on California child molestation. What they do is they go online and represent themselves as 13 years old (or any age that is under 18 years old). They trick you into talking about sexual matters and once you do, they can trace your IP address and you can soon get police at your door. Planning to actually meet these “imagined” victims is yet another more serious offense. Any sexual conversation with persons under 18 is illegal online or in person. Of course, in order for them to prove you knew how old they were, they have to tell you their age, but if they say any age that is under 18, don’t walk- run away and log off right away. You can see read statutes in the California Penal Code 288.4.

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