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California Drivers License Suspension for Speeding

Speeding over 100 MPH in California

In California you can lose your drivers license if caught driving 100 mph or more. California Vehicle Code 22348(b)(1) allows a judge to leave you with a suspended drivers license for 30 days if your caught doing 100 mph. Most courts, including San Diego, will never tell you until its too late.

Speeding tickets in California are infractions. That means you cannot be sentenced to jail for just speeding. When your in court the judge may explain your rights. These rights do not include the penalties. Many persons charged with going over 100 mph don’t find out their drivers license is gone until they have plead guilty.

An experienced California license suspension attorney can help you save your drivers license. An aggressive defense may prove a speed less than 100 mph. Then your license is safe from the court. An experienced attorney knows what it takes to convince a judge not to suspend. Restricted licenses that allow driving to work are possible. You will need an attorney that knows the answers.

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