Public Criminal Defense Attorneys Overworked

By: Wallin & Klarich

Public defender caseloads go through the roof and Supreme Court to set minimum standards for public defenders

It was reported in the Los Angeles Daily Journal that the Supreme Court of Nevada is stepping in to do their best to try to improve the quality of criminal defense attorney representation that those accused of crimes receive when appointed a public defender.

The average caseload for a public defendant is 364 total cases. The maximum caseload “standard” for public defenders is 150 cases.

The bottom line is that due to the economic downturn that we are feeling more people are asking the court to appoint them a public defender. This is causing the caseloads of public defenders to skyrocket. Common sense would tell anyone that if you are being represented by a lawyer who is representing 200 or more clients that lawyer cannot provide you with the kind of personal attention your case needs.

Anyone facing a misdemeanor or felony charge is facing jail time and many other serious consequences. These people need lawyers who have the time to adequately prepare their defense.
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This is where Wallin and Klarich comes in. Wallin and Klarich is a highly qualified criminal defense law firm serving all of Southern California.
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Our lawyers’ caseloads are kept low enough so that each of your highly skilled California criminal defense attorneys can have the time to properly review and investigate your case and be ready to fight for you when your case comes to court.

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