Assault with Deadly Weapon Charges against School Janitor

By: Wallin & Klarich

Accused of Pistol-whipping, Janitor is charged with Assault with Deadly Weapon

Often times, anger and bitterness can lead to outrages acts. It is extremely important to realize that although we may consider ourselves calm and collected people, life may throw something unexpected our way and there’s no telling how we might react. Such was the case for this suspect, who was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and armed robbery and is being held in lieu of $130,000 bail.

The 31 year-old former custodian was charged on Thursday September 11, 2008 after allegations of his alleged attack of Manzanita Community School principal, specifically of he pistol-whipping her and stealing her purse.

He was fired from his job at Manzanita Community School in mid July, just a couple of weeks before the alleged attack. The 34 year-old principal, stated that she was at her desk when the assailant came from behind and attacked her. After some investigation, the police discovered a gun in he car which through DNA sampling linked him to the attack. He is now being charged with multiple felonies including weapons violations and evading police.

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