Consult a Criminal Defense Lawyer Before Accepting Police Informant “Deal”

By: Wallin & Klarich

A recent death of a young female college student makes clear that agreeing to work with the police in exchange for some possible leniency in your criminal case can have deadly consequences.

A young woman in her 2nd year of college was found in possession of marijuana. The police told her that if she “worked with them” they would recommend to the District Attorney to dismiss charges against her. She did not consult with a lawyer. Instead she agreed to work with the police. She agreed to set up two suspected drug dealers by agreeing to sell them cocaine as well as a handgun.

The young lady was given no “training” in how to conduct her “snitch duties”. The young lady did what the police told her. The young lady was found dead two days later when the police officers assigned to “follow her” were unable to properly do their job and lost contact with her.

Often people accused of crimes are told by law enforcement that they are their “friends” and they can arrange for lower bail for them or a more lenient sentence if they agree to “set up” other accused persons.
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It is almost NEVER a good idea to work with law enforcement. It is NEVER a good idea to make any such decision without first consulting with a criminal defense attorney who knows how the game is played.

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