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Shoplifting is the crime of stealing, or making an effort to steal, or intentionally paying less than the full amount for products or goods in a store. Shoplifting can include taking something without the intention of paying for it, hiding, concealing, or modifying a store’s goods (including the price tag) with the intention of stealing it or unlawfully paying less that it is being sold for.

In California, shoplifting goods with a value less than $400 may constitutes a petty theft misdemeanor charge. Shoplifting goods with a greater value may constitute a grand theft or larceny felony charge. The charges for shoplifting also depend on whether a person has a criminal history of shoplifting and other specific factors.

The penalties for shoplifting vary by circumstance and location but can include fines up to two times the amount of the value that was stolen, prison or jail time, and community service. In some cases compensatory fines may also be assessed in shoplifting cases in order to compensate a store owner for his or her losses.

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