Resisting and Evading Arrest

By: Wallin & Klarich

“I got drunk and I got real stupid.” Let me guess…then you invited the cop and his partner to a friendly game of “meet my fist” or tried to outrun the cop by playing a quick game “drunk tag”. I hear this all the time. This is usually a good combination for a court date. You’ll be charged with fighting in public, public intoxication, and resisting arrest or evading arrest.
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Then you go into court by yourself because you’re Perry Freaking Mason. (Don’t get me started on how bad of an idea this is). The District Attorney offers you a deal with no jail time and you think “SCORE”.
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You plead guilty. Way to go genius! So you saved a couple of bucks by not hiring an attorney, but you also limited both your earning potential/capacity and your career opportunities. Why you ask. Well, certain crimes could be constituted as crimes of moral turpitude. When employers perform background check, you won’t be on their list of call backs. Sorry bud, you don’t get to come in for your interview. Moreover, if you work for the government or any type of governmental (whether state or federal) entity, you may be issued a permanent leave of absence. If you’re applying for citizenship or awaiting naturalization, well….goooood luuuuuuuck. So the next time you go into court, make sure you have a California DUI defense attorney on your side to explain any and all consequences of your guilty plea.

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