Do Not Adopt a Nonchalant Attitude Toward Your Criminal Case

By: Wallin & Klarich

Once you retain a defense lawyer, you don’t need to worry about anything because he/she is going to do everything to help you with your criminal case, right? WRONG. You need to take an active part in you own defense. After all, you were there. You know the events that transpired better than anyone else. Once you hire a criminal lawyer, schedule at least one face-to-face meeting with him/her to review the discovery (police reports, video and audio tapes, and any other evidence against you). If you adopt a nonchalant attitude towards your defense, you might as well not have hired an attorney. You should just throw in the towel and plead guilty. If you are not serious about defending your case, you are restricting your attorney’s arsenal of weapons. Review the discovery and save your case. We at the Law Offices of Wallin & Klarich encourage our clients to meet with their respective California criminal defense attorneys to review the discovery and form any and all possible defenses.

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