Wrongfully convicted wants FBI analyst fired

By: Wallin & Klarich

In 2000 a man who spent 12 years in state prison was released after DNA evidence exonerated him. The man was wrongfully convicted of a rape and robbery after a Sheriff’s detective in Riverside County fabricated a statement from a witness that placed the man near the scene of the crime. Several years after the man was convicted, a private investigator tracked down the witness who signed a sworn statement that he had no idea who the man was and that he never saw him near the crime.

The detective who falsified that statement is now an analyst with the FBI. Attorneys for the wrongfully convicted man are calling for the FBI analyst to be fired, saying that “It is inconceivable that our nation’s homeland security relies on the intelligence analysis of a man found in a court of law to be a liar and an evidence fabricator.”

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