By: Wallin & Klarich

Anyone who has watched TV shows like “Law and Order” has probably heard of the term ‘entrapment’ but might not understand what it really means.

Entrapment as a defense is commonly used in situations where someone has been arrested in a sting or vice operation. The standard that must be met for this defense to be successful is very high as it must be shown that the police induced an otherwise unwilling person to commit a crime. Entrapment is currently a big topic in the news with the recent arrest of a United States Senator.

The senator was in a bathroom at an airport in Minneapolis, tapped his toes and fidgeted his fingers. Apparently, those movements are well known signals for an invitation for gay sex. The senator had no idea that he was about to be arrested for solicitation as local police had set up a ‘sting’ operation to try and catch people exhibiting lewd behavior. Although the senator pled guilty to a lesser charge, he has maintained his innocence and feels that he was entrapped.

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