Lawyer found not guilty for carrying drugs into jail while visiting his client who was accused of a drug offense

By: Wallin & Klarich

If you ever wondered why you need a skilled criminal defense attorney when facing a serious criminal charge, you no longer have to wonder. About two weeks ago in Los Angeles County a lawyer was on trial for attempting to smuggle drugs into the LA County jail to give to his client.

The defendant attorney had as his defense that he had “low blood sugar” that day which made him light headed. He claimed that due to this “medical condition” he did not think to check the package that he was handed by his client’s family member before taking it into the jail with him. The lawyer stated he believed that he was bringing his client family photos.

The defendant hired a skilled criminal defense attorney. The jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

When you are faced with a serious crime that involves the district attorney proving “specific intent” on your part to violate the law, it is very important to have a criminal defense law firm on your side that has been defending these type of cases for almost thirty years.
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