Firearms and minors in California

By: Wallin & Klarich

It is illegal for a minor under age 16 to possess a handgun unless he or she is accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. If the minor is age 16 or older, he or she may only posses a handgun or live ammunition with the written permission of a parent or guardian, and may only possess these items for legal purposes such as recreational sports. (PC § 12101) In addition, no one may sell or give a firearm, even an air gun or gas-operated gun, to a minor without parental consent. Some types of firearms and firearm-related equipment are outright illegal, with or without parental permission. Such items include sawed-off shotguns, machine guns and unmarked pistols (handguns that have their identifying numbers removed), as well as sniper scoped, silencers and plastic firearms. (PC §§12020, 12094, 12520)

Other illegal weapons (illegal to manufacture, import, possess, sell, give or even lend to someone) include any ballistic knife, fletchette dart, blackjack, sling shot, nunchaku, metal knuckles, dirk, dagger, a weapon held in a camouflaging firearm container and oriental throwing stars. Also prohibited are belt buckle knives, leaded canes, zip guns, shurikens, lipstick case knives, writing pen-knives and unconventional pistols. (PC §§12020, 12094)

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