Racial Profiling in the Buena Park Police Department

By: Wallin & Klarich

Just the other day, I ran a motion to suppress evidence in a drug related matter. The Detective testified that he was investigating the defendant for the potential sale of drugs. He testified that he was investigating a male Hispanic for this matter, but the police report indicated that he was investigating a male Caucasian. He finished his testimony and sat back down in his chair.

Then Police Officer took the stand and testified that he was investigating a male Caucasian involved in a prostitution case, but he approached a male Hispanic subject. Once that came out, the people moved to dismiss. Enough said. You make the inference.

After running the motion, I met up with another attorney who advised me that almost 5 years ago, a Buena Park Police Department Officer would pull over minorities and inquire his magic eight-ball as to whether he should take them into custody or not.
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The officer was later confronted with this information at a motion to suppress. He denied the allegation, but further testimony discredited him.
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After this motion, the flood-gates to appeals were opened and numerous convictions were overturned.

Just two years ago another Buena Park Police Department Officer was discharged from his position as he would often flip a coin when it came down to citing minorities.

What gives? Buena Park Police Department’s finest pull over the majority of minorities in Orange County’s North Court Jurisdiction.

Find an attorney that knows the jurisdiction well enough to file the necessary motions to defend you.

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