A Key Witness Leads to Court Victory

By: Wallin & Klarich

In a recent serious case handled by Wallin and Klarich, the police reports had one independent witness providing very incriminating evidence against our client. We realized that if this witness were to come to court and state the things that the police officer recorded in his report it would likely lead to his conviction. Wallin and Klarich did what we had to do to win the case. We immediately jumped into action and sent two of our staff to interview this witness.

When we interviewed this witness, we found out that what the witness would testify to was NOT what was stated in the police report. Often we find that police officers record things in their report that are not accurate and are often adverse to our client’s position. In fact this witness said things very favorable to our case.
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We subpoenaed this witness to testify on the day of trial.
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We also taped the interview we had with the witness. We then transcribed the interview. On the day set for trial, we told the prosecutor that the police report was in error. We then told the prosecutor he could read the statement we had taken. The prosecutor read the statement and then asked to speak to the witness who we had made sure was in court. After the prosecutor spoke to this key witness he realized the police report was in error. This resulted in the charges being dismissed against our client.

If your lawyer is willing to do his homework you can often win your case. If your lawyer will challenge statements in a police report it can lead to positive results in your case. Make certain that the law firm that is representing you is willing to do the work necessary to win your case.

At Wallin and Klarich we have been helping people win their criminal cases for almost thirty years. Feel free to call us at 888-280-6839 and we will be glad to discuss your case with you. Remember that when your freedom is at stake there is no substitute for preparation.

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