By: Wallin & Klarich

Many people were shocked to hear that Paris Hilton’s jail sentence was changed. It was altered from 45 days of actual jail time to time served in jail (4 days) plus the balance of her 45 day “jail sentence” to be served watching TV and sitting by her pool in her million dollar mansion (home incarceration).

However, with the right law firm a person’s jail sentence can be altered to something other than doing hard time or it can be reduced drastically in most cases.

Over the last 25 years, our law firm has arranged for our clients all of the following alternatives to jail time.

l. Community Work Service – Our clients are often allowed to do volunteer work for a worthy cause such as a battered women’s shelter, Red Cross or senior citizen center to avoid jail time.

2. Work Release – Often our clients are allowed to go to their place of employment and receive “day for day credit” as if they were doing all of their time in a jail cell.

3. Drug and Alcohol Programs – Usually we are able to have our clients do their jail time in a drug or alcohol program in lieu of actual jail time for drug and alcohol related charges.

4. Home Confinement – In some cases our clients are allowed to do their jail time while at home. During home confinement, the incarcerated must wear a tracking bracelet and is not able to leave their residence except for pre-approved extenuating circumstances.

There are many other creative ways to alter, reduce or eliminate the possible sentence in a case where you are facing jail time.

If you have a question about how we might be able to help you with your case, please call Wallin & Klarich at 877-4NO-JAIL. We can make the difference between jail and freedom.

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