Why should I get a criminal expungement in San Bernardino? (PC 1203.4)

Posted On: February 21, 2013 by Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney

Having a criminal record is embarrassing and can affect your ability to obtain future employment during a criminal record check. Many jobs will ask you to put on your application if you have been convicted of a crime.


This can negatively affect your ability to get a job. However, you can avoid this if you have your criminal record expunged. In California, there are several ways that you can petition the court to get rid of an arrest or criminal conviction.

How Can Wallin & Klarich Clean Your Criminal Record?

If you were arrested for an offense, but not convicted, an attorney from Wallin & Klarich can help you petition the court to have your arrest record sealed or destroyed. If you successfully have your record destroyed, you will be able to truthfully tell potential employers that you have never been arrested.

If you were convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, but never served a state prison sentence, you may be able to get your conviction dismissed. There are certain qualifications you must meet.

Requirements To Expunge Your Criminal Record

First, you must have completed the terms of your probation. You cannot be facing any new charges or be on probation for a different offense.

If you have been convicted of certain sex offenses or a limited number of Vehicle Code violations, you will not able to get the conviction dismissed. If you want to know more about getting a misdemeanor or felony offense dismissed, the attorneys at Wallin & Klarich can provide you with that information.

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